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Horse Fleece Rugs & Coolers

Horse Fleece Rugs and Fleece Coolers are an essential part of any horse’s wardrobe, and are a useful rug to use all year round in many situations. Here at Unicorn Saddlery, we have a fantastic range of quality fleeces and coolers from top horse wear brands including Amigo, Rambo and Masta, and are available in different sizes, styles and colours. Our range includes the Rambo Newmarket competition fleece, which can be used under the saddle during riding. A regular cooler is also available in the popular Newmarket Witney gold stripe design.

These rugs are designed to help your horse cool down and dry comfortably following exercise, and offer quick drying, wicking and insulating properties, whilst being breathable. A fleece rug or cooler can be used to prevent the onset of a chill following exercise.

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Airmesh Cooler
Our Price: £70.15
Regular Price: £77.95
Saving: £7.80 
Amigo Jersey Cooler
Our Price: £39.55
Regular Price: £41.95
Saving: £2.40 
Jersey Cooler with Removeable X Surcingles
Amigo Jersey Cooler
Our Price: £41.95
Regular Price: £46.95
Saving: £5.00 
Jersey Cooler with Removeable X Surcingles
Amigo Pony Jersey Cooler
Our Price: £23.35
Regular Price: £25.95
Saving: £2.60 
Amigo Pony Jersey Cooler
Our Price: £30.55
Regular Price: £33.95
Saving: £3.40 
LeMieux Carbon Cooler Rug
Our Price: £49.96 
LeMieux Carbon Cooler Rug
Rambo Cosy Fleece
Our Price: £106.15
Regular Price: £117.95
Saving: £11.80 
Rambo Deluxe Fleece
Our Price: £89.95
Regular Price: £103.00
Saving: £13.05 
Rambo Deluxe Fleece
Rambo Dry Rug
Our Price: £80.95
Regular Price: £89.95
Saving: £9.00 
Rambo Dry Rug Supreme
Our Price: £111.95
Regular Price: £123.95
Saving: £12.00 
Rambo Softy Fleece
Our Price: £90.00
Regular Price: £99.95
Saving: £9.95 
Rambo Softy Fleece
Rambo Sport Cooler
Our Price: £73.75
Regular Price: £81.95
Saving: £8.20 
Rambo Techni Waffle Cooler
Our Price: £46.75
Regular Price: £51.95
Saving: £5.20 
Rambo Techni Waffle Cooler
Shires Jersey Cooler Combo
Our Price: £57.99 
Shires Jersey Cooler Combo
Shires Wessex Fleece Rug
Our Price: £29.99 
Shires Wessex Fleece Rug
Thermo Cool Rug
Our Price: £69.99 
LeMieux Thermo Cool Rug

More Information

Horse Fleece Rugs and Fleece Coolers are a brilliantly versatile item, and are ideal for use in many situations throughout the year, including in the stable, during travel, at shows, after exercise, and as an extra layer in colder weather. These multi-functional fleeces are ideal for the show season, to keep your horse clean and remove excess moisture from sweat during transport, and also between classes at events to keep your horse warm and his coat spotless. They can also be used in the stable throughout the year, and double up as an under rug in the winter months. Unlike other rug types, fleeces and coolers are not very bulky, therefore many of them may be suitable for machine washing, to add to their convenience.

If you would like some advice or guidance on purchasing Horse Fleece Rugs or Fleece Coolers, or if you would like some further information on our range, please call and speak to one of our friendly, knowledgable team members on 01823 481484, or e-mail We are happy to help and offer advice to our customers.

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