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Horse Travel Boots

Travelling horses in horse boxes, trailers and lorries is an essential procedure for many horse owners, whether this is for a routine trip to the vet, or seasoned competitors regularly travelling horses to shows and events. During travel, horses can be prone to injuries from knocks and scrapes on trailer fittings, or from stepping on themselves or travel companions whilst trying to balance. Horse Travel Boots are designed to protect the horse’s legs during transport, and can help to prevent injuries whilst providing support to the horse’s legs during transit. They also serve the dual purpose of keeping your horse’s legs clean whilst travelling, which can be useful when transporting horses to shows and competitions.

Here at Unicorn Saddlery, we have a great selection of Horse Travel Boots to provide your horse with the best protection during travel. The products within our range are carefully selected for their quality, and are provided by some of the leading brands on the equestrian market, including Amigo, Rambo, Thorowgood and WoofWear.

Within our range of Horse Travel Boots, we have regular sets of travel boots, which protect the horse’s leg from the coronet to just above the knee and hock, and are available in a range of colours and sizes. To protect the particularly vulnerable areas of the leg during transport, we have knee boots and hock boots designed to guard these areas from knocks and injuries in the trailer.

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Amigo Mio Travel Boots
Our Price: £34.20
Regular Price: £38.00
Saving: £3.80 
Horseware Amigo Travel Boot
Amigo Travel Boots
Our Price: £64.75
Regular Price: £71.95
Saving: £7.20 
Amigo Travel Boots
Our Price: £64.95
Regular Price: £71.95
Saving: £7.00 
Hy HyRider Signature Travel Boots
Our Price: £49.99 
Hy HyRider Signature Travel Boots
Prolite Prolite Tail Guard
Our Price: £22.00 
Prolite Tail Guard
Rambo Grand Prix Travel Boots
Our Price: £85.00 
Grand Prix Travel Boots
Rambo Newmarket Travel Boots
Our Price: £70.00 
Newmarket Travel Boots
Shires Compact Travel Boots
Our Price: £21.99 
Compact Travel Boots
Shires Padded Tail Guard
Our Price: £7.50 
Shires Padded Tail Guard
Shires Travel Sure Economy Boots
Our Price: £15.99 
Travel Sure Economy Boots
Woof Wear Hock Boot
Our Price: £28.00 
Woof Wear Tail Guard
Our Price: £20.00 
Woof Wear Travel Boots
Our Price: £77.00 

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We also supply horse tail guards, which can be used to protect the tail from the top to the end of the dock, and also helps to keep the tail clean and prevent damage from tail rubbing during transport.

If you would like some advice or guidance on purchasing Horse Travel Boots, or if you would like some further information on our range or sizes available, please call and speak to one of our friendly, knowledgeable team members on 01823 481484, or e-mail We are happy to help and offer advice to our customers.

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