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Horse First Aid

Having a well-stocked and up to date Horse First Aid kit is an essential part of responsible horse ownership, to enable you to deal with your horse’s common minor injuries and ailments that may occur at any time, and can also be vital to help you deal swiftly with an emergency whilst waiting for the vet to arrive. Here at Unicorn Saddlery, we understand the importance of maintaining a well-stocked Horse First Aid kit, and we provide all the essentials you need to take care of your horse’s minor injuries and ailments.

Our extensive Horse First Aid range includes products from leading horse health care brands in the industry, such as NAF, Carr & Day & Martin, Barrier, Lincoln, Gold Label and Global Herbs among many others. From first aid essentials such as cotton wool, dressings and wound creams, to tools such as bot knives and digital thermometers, our range is bound to include every type of lotion, potion and tool you need to safeguard your horse’s health and welfare at all times.

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Aloe Vera Purple Spray
Our Price: £9.99 
Aloe Vera Purple Spray
Barrier Aloe Vera Soothing Gel
Our Price: £8.50 
Aloe Vera Soothing Gel
Barrier Event Grease
Our Price: £18.10 
Bot Egg Knife
Our Price: £3.99 
Cotton Wool
Our Price: £6.50 
Cut & Heal Aerosol Wound Care
Our Price: £13.75 
Aerosol Wound Care
Cut & Heal Wound Powder
Our Price: £11.25 
Our Price: £13.50 
Equine America Dermagel
Digital Thermometer
Our Price: £7.50 
Digital Thermometer
Our Price: £10.50 
Effol Horse Balm
Our Price: £10.10 
Equine America Mouth & Bit Balm
Our Price: £11.99 
Equine American Mouth and Bit Balm
Gel-Eze Under Bandage
Our Price: £13.25 
Gel-Eze Under Bandage
Gold Label Event Paste
Our Price: £11.95 
Gold Label Iodine Disinfectant
Our Price: £4.50 
Iodine Disinfectant
Gold Label Louse Powder
Our Price: £8.85 
Gold Label Skin Hardener Gel
Our Price: £4.50 
Gold Label Stockholm Tar liquid
Our Price: £6.95
Regular Price: £6.99
Saving: £0.04 
Stockholm Tar liquid
Our Price: £7.99 
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More Information

We stock everything you need to deal with minor cuts and injuries, including anti-bacterial powders and wound creams, bandages and dressings, and hoof boots to help protect a poulticed foot. Our Horse First Aid range also contains numerous products to effectively prevent and treat common equine health condition such as mud fever and sweet itch, and many products can be used in conjunction with others to further increase their effectiveness against such ailments.

If you would like any advice or guidance on purchasing any products from our Horse First Aid range, or if you would like some further information on the products we stock, please call and speak to one of our helpful, friendly team members on 01823 481484, or e-mail We are happy to help and offer advice to our customers.

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