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The noseband is a small but essential piece of equine tack, and is the part of the bridle that circles the horse’s nose and jaw. There are a variety of noseband styles available on the equestrian market, each serving a different purpose and exerting varying levels of control, to serve a range of riding styles and disciplines.

A crank noseband is popular for use in dressage and for use with double bridles, and features a tighter fit for greater control, encouraging the horse to keep its mouth closed. Both the drop noseband and the flash noseband are used in many disciplines, and share the purpose of preventing the horse from opening its mouth too far and also to stop the horse from crossing its jaw. A grackle noseband, popular in show jumping and eventing, also reminds the horse to keep its mouth closed, and puts pressure on the horse’s nose for greater control.

Here at Unicorn Saddlery, we have an extensive selection of nosebands in many different styles, to serve a variety of purposes. There are many different types of noseband available within our collection, including the most common plain or cavesson noseband, flash nosebands, drop nosebands, crank nosebands, kineton nosebands and grackle nosebands. All of the products within our range have been carefully selected for their quality, and are provided by some of the leading tack manufacturers on the equestrian market, including Dever, Xpert and NuuMed.

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Dever Drop Noseband
Our Price: £42.50 
Dever Flash Noseband
Our Price: £45.95 
Dever Flash Noseband - Hunt Weight
Our Price: £51.50 
Flash Noseband - Hunt Weight
Dever Grackle Noseband
Our Price: £39.25 
Dever High Ring Grackle (Mexican)
Our Price: £46.50 
High Ring Grackle (Mexican)
Dever Kineton Noseband
Our Price: £50.50 
Dever Plain (Flat) Noseband
Our Price: £35.50 
Plain (Flat) Noseband
Dever Plain (flat) Noseband - Hunt Weight
Our Price: £39.50 
Plain (flat) Noseband - Hunt Weight
Dever Show (plain raised) Noseband
Our Price: £39.75 
Show (plain raised) Noseband
Dever Show (plain raised) Noseband - Hunt Weight
Our Price: £44.95 
Show (plain raised) Noseband - Hunt Weight
Fairfax Noseband - Crank Cavesson (inc Pad/strap)
Our Price: £170.00 
Fairfax Performance Bridle
Noseband - Crank Cavesson (inc Pad/strap)
Fairfax Noseband - Drop ( inc 2 pads )
Our Price: £170.00 
Fairfax Performance Bridle
Drop Noseband (Inc two pads)
Griffin Nuumed Noseband Cover in Luxury Wool
Our Price: £13.50 
Noseband Cover in Luxury Wool
JEFFRIES Falcon Raised & Padded Headstall + Flash Noseband
Our Price: £149.95 
Falcon Raised & Padded Headstall + Flash Noseband
JEFFRIES Traditional Flash Noseband
Our Price: £45.75
Regular Price: £46.95
Saving: £1.20 
Traditional Flash Noseband
JEFFRIES Traditional Show Cavesson Raised
Our Price: £32.25 
Traditional Show Cavesson Raised
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More Information

Whether you require a plain noseband for everyday riding, a smart show noseband, or a luxury wool noseband cover, there is bound to be a product within our range here at Unicorn Saddlery to suit yours and your horse’s needs.

If you would like some advice or guidance on purchasing any nosebands, or if you would like some further information on the products within our range, please feel free to call and speak to one of our friendly, knowledgeable team members on 01823 481484, or e-mail We are happy to help and offer advice to our customers.

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