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Taking good care of your tack and leather products will help ensure the product retains its quality, and can help to prolong the life of the leather. Regular cleaning and conditioning of your tack will not only ensure it looks presentable for everyday use and for the show ring, it will also improve the suppleness of your tack. Grease and dirt from the horse’s coat can build upon the leather, which can make it look unsightly and also cause damage to the leather. Dirty tack can also cause discomfort and rubbing to the horse’s skin, leading to abrasions and the potential for infection.

Here at Unicorn Saddlery, we have a great range of leather care products which are designed to help you take the best care of your saddles, bridles, and other items of tack.  All of the products within our range are carefully selected for their quality, and are provided by some of the leading brands on the equestrian market, such as NAF, Net-Tex,Effax and Albion

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Albion Saddle Conditioner
Our Price: £21.00 
Saddle Conditioner
CDM Belvoir Leather Balsam Intensive Conditioner
Our Price: £11.50 
Belvoir Leather Balsam Intensive Conditioner
CDM Belvoir Tack Cleaner
Our Price: £7.99 
Belvoir Tack Cleaner
CDM Belvoir Tack Conditioner Spray
Our Price: £11.70 
Belvoir Tack Conditioner Spray
CDM Brecknell Turner Saddle Soap
Our Price: £5.50 
Brecknell Turner Saddle Soap
CDM Tack Cleaning Sponge
Our Price: £1.25 
Tack Cleaning Sponge
Hydrophane Leather Dressing
Our Price: £9.30 
Hydrophane Leather Dressing
Leather Balsam
Our Price: £10.10 
Leather Combi
Our Price: £10.20 
Leather Conditioner
Our Price: £13.14 
Oakwood Leather Conditioner
Leather Cream
Our Price: £9.10 
Leather Grease
Our Price: £7.14 
Leather Oil
Our Price: £10.20 
Lincoln Leather Punch
Our Price: £6.50 
Lincoln Tack Sponge
Our Price: £1.99 
NAF Neatsfoot Oil
Our Price: £6.50 
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More Information

Also within our leather care range is a handy leather punch, which is an essential for any tack room, and can be used to quickly and conveniently add extra holes to your stirrup leathers or other tack, with a range of hole sizes available to suit various items.

Whether you require a quick clean spray to easily and conveniently clean your tack, a luxurious leather cream or a classic solid saddle soap, there is bound to be a suitable product within our leather care range here at Unicorn Saddlery to meet your needs and budget.

If you would like some advice or guidance on purchasing any products from our leather care range, or if you would like some further information on our stock, please feel free to call and speak to one of our friendly, knowledgeable team members on 01823 481484, or e-mail We are happy to help and offer advice to our customers.

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