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Horse Clippers and Trimmers

In order to ensure your horse is kept looking neat and tidy throughout the year, clipping and trimming can be a great method of controlling and maintaining his appearance. Not only can it make your horse appear more presentable, keeping your horse in a suitable type of clip can make your horse more comfortable during exercise and throughout the changing weather conditions. A good pair of Horse Trimmers or clippers is a worthwhile investment, and quality clippers are designed to last you for many years.

Here at Unicorn Saddlery, we have a great selection of Horse Trimmers and Cordless Horse Clippers in a variety of different types and prices. Whether you are looking for a light duty trimmer for simple tidying up purposes, or if you require a more heavy duty product to use for all over clipping, there is bound to be a suitable product within our clipping and trimming range to suit your needs and budget. The products within our clipping and trimming range are carefully selected for their quality, and we supply products from leading brands such as Lister, Lincoln, and Bentley, so you can be confident of receiving quality when buying from us.

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Fetlock Scissors
Our Price: £7.99 
Lister A2 Blades
Our Price: £44.50 
Lister Clipper Oil
Our Price: £5.25 
Lister Legato Clipper Blades
Our Price: £26.99
Regular Price: £29.00
Saving: £2.01 
Legato Clipper Blades
Lister Legato Clippers
Our Price: £89.99
Regular Price: £96.50
Saving: £6.51 
Lister Liberty Clippers
Our Price: £440.99
Regular Price: £507.00
Saving: £66.01 
Liberty Clippers - Popular Pack
Lister Libretto Trimmer with Battery & Charger
Our Price: £210.99
Regular Price: £256.00
Saving: £45.01 
Libretto Trimmer with Battery & Charger
Lister Star Clipper
Our Price: £266.99 
Mane Thinning Scissors
Our Price: £5.99 
Pico Trimmers
Our Price: £11.99
Regular Price: £12.85
Saving: £0.86 
Shires Thinning Knife
Our Price: £4.50 
Smart Tails Standard
Our Price: £23.15 
Smart Tails Wood
Our Price: £26.35 
Solo Comb
Our Price: £15.50 
Triple Action Mane Comb
Our Price: £7.75 
Triple Action Mane Comb
Wolseley Clipper Blades
Our Price: £44.50 
Wolseley Clipper Oil
Our Price: £2.99 
Wolseley Clipping Overall
Our Price: £7.99 
Wolseley Goshawk
Our Price: £475.00 
Wolseley Goshawk Clipper
Wolseley Lark
Our Price: £275.00 
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More Information

We have a great range of clippers, some available in cordless designs to provide maximum safety to both the animal and the operator. Alongside a variety of clippers and trimmers, we also stock all the accessories you need to keep your horse groomed to perfection, including shedding blades and thinning knives, and combs and scissors for tidying up manes, tails and fetlocks.

If you would like any advice or guidance on purchasing Horse Trimmers, Cordless Horse Clippers, or any other products from our clipping and trimming range, or if you would like some further information on the products we stock, please call and speak to one of our helpful, friendly team members on 01823 481484, or e-mail We are happy to help and offer advice to our customers.

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