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Stirrup Leathers

Stirrup leathers are an essential part of your riding equipment. They are attached to the stirrup bar on the saddle, and are used to fasten the stirrup iron to the saddle, allowing the rider a full range of motion in their legs.

Here at Unicorn Saddlery, we have a great selection of stirrup leathers made from quality English leather, available in a range of styles and sizes to suit a variety of riders including the junior and the adult rider. All of the products within our range have been carefully selected for their quality, and are provided by some of the leading horse wear brands on the market, including Bates, DeverJeffries, Wintec and Xpert. These products have been carefully developed by industry experts to provide you and your horse with the best quality product.

Our range of stirrup leathers includes children’s stirrup leathers, which are made from quality English bridle leather, making them suitable for younger, lightweight riders and beginners. For a taller or heavier child, the Youths stirrup leathers are made from quality English leather and are stronger than the childrens leathers. For the adult or teenage rider, we have stirrup leathers available in a variety of lengths which are also made from thicker leather, offering greater strength.

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Bates Leather Webbers
Our Price: £49.99 
Dever Adults Stirrup Leathers
Our Price: £53.50 
Adults Stirrup Leathers
Dever Childrens Stirrup Leathers
Our Price: £22.95 
Childrens Stirrup Leathers
Dever Extra Long Stirrup Leathers
Our Price: £57.50 
Extra Long Stirrup Leathers
Dever Hide Covered Stirrup Leathers
Our Price: £54.99 
Dever Hide Covered Leathers
Dever Pre-Stretched Buffalo Race Stirrup Leathers
Our Price: £46.35 
Pre-Stretched Buffalo Race Stirrup Leathers
Dever Youths Stirrup Leathers
Our Price: £49.99 
Youths Stirrup Leathers
Kent & Masters K&M Hide Covered Stirrup Leathers
Our Price: £55.00 
Kent & Masters Hide Covered Stirrup Leathers
Peacock Leathers
Our Price: £1.25 
Unicorn Leatherwork Bufallo Wrapped Stirrup Leathers
Our Price: £49.95 
Buffalo Wrapped Stirrup Leathers
Wintec Pro Leathers
Our Price: £44.99 
Wintec Pro Webbers
Our Price: £34.99 
Wintec Slimline Stirrup Leathers
Our Price: £24.99 
Slimline Stirrup Leathers
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More Information

We also have a fantastic range of leather care products which can be used to clean and condition your stirrup leathers. Taking good care of your stirrup leathers and other tack items can help maintain its quality, prevent cracks and damage to the leather, and prolong the life of your tack.

If you would like some advice or guidance on purchasing any stirrup leathers, or if you would like some further information on the products within our range, please feel free to call and speak to one of our friendly, knowledgeable team members on 01823 481484, or e-mail We are happy to help and offer advice to our customers.

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