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Jumping or cross country saddles are designed, as the name suggests, specifically for equestrian disciplines where jumping is involved, such as show jumping and cross country. These saddles are designed to accommodate the forward position required when jumping; therefore they feature a forward cut flap with padded knee rolls to support the rider in this position, permitting a shorter stirrup length.

We have an extensive range of jumping saddles available in stock and to order, with a great variety of brands and manufacturers, including our very own Unicorn brand. We supply jumping saddles from leading brands such as Albion, Prestige, Kieffer, Fairfax, Kent and Masters and John Whittaker, alongside the Unicorn brand jumping saddles. With such an excellent variety of sizes and styles, there is bound to be a jumping saddle within our range to suit every type of horse or pony, and of course you as the rider.

Unicorn Saddlery is a member of the Society of Master Saddlers (SMS) and we also have an SMS qualified saddle fitter with over 18 years of fitting experience. With our wide range of stock available, together with the knowledge and experience of our saddle fitter, selecting and buying your jumping saddles from us here at Unicorn Saddlery couldn’t be easier. It is recommended that you have your saddles professionally fitted by an SMS qualified saddle fitter, to ensure maximum comfort and a good fit for both the horse and rider.

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Albion K2 Jump Saddle
Our Price: £1,699.00 
Albion K2 Jump Saddle
Albion K2 Jump Saddle *NEW*
Our Price: £1,699.00 
NEW K2 Jump Saddle
Albion K2 Jump Ultima Saddle *NEW*
Our Price: £1,799.00 
New K2 Jump Ultima Saddle
Albion Kontact Lite
Our Price: £2,099.00 
Albion Kontact Lite Event Saddle
Albion Kontrol Flat
Our Price: £1,799.00 
Albion Kontrol Flat
Albion Revelation Jump
Our Price: £2,900.00 
Revelation Couture Show Jump
Albion Revelation XC
Our Price: £2,900.00 
Revelation Couture Cross Country
Bates Advanta Event
Our Price: £2,699.00 
Advanta Event Saddle
Equipe Expression Special Double Flap
Our Price: £2,100.00 
Equippe Expression Special Double Flap
Equipe Synergy Special Double Flap
Our Price: £2,400.00 
Equippe Synergy Special Double Flap
Equipe Synergy Special Single Flap
Our Price: £2,400.00 
Equippe Synergy Special Single Flap
Fairfax Andrew Hoy XC Flocked
Our Price: £2,400.00 
Fairfax Andrew Hoy Cross Country Saddle
Fairfax Classic Jump
Our Price: £1,590.00 
Fairfax Classic Jump
Fairfax Jump XC
Our Price: £1,700.00 
Fairfax Monoflap XC
Our Price: £1,790.00 
Fairfax Spirit Jump
Our Price: £2,200.00 
Fairfax Spirit Jump
Ideal Impala Professional Jump
Our Price: £1,949.00 
Impala Professional Jump
Ideal X-Ceed Jump
Our Price: £1,600.00 
Kent & Masters Pony Jump
Our Price: £795.00 
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More Information

Saddle fitting appointments with our SMS qualified saddle fitter are available to book, please feel free to call us and arrange an appointment. We offer a fantastic saddle fitting and advice service, and you can be assured to receive an informed and unbiased service when purchasing your saddles from Unicorn Saddlery.

If you would like some advice or guidance on purchasing jumping saddles, arranging a saddle fitting, or if you would like some further information on our stock, please call and speak to one of our friendly, knowledgeable team members on 01823 481484, or e-mail We are happy to help and offer advice to our customers.

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